Business Model Design

Architect and integrate traditional business models with blockchain economies.

Blockchain Architecture

Provide architecture of blockchain systems to meet client requirements .

Token Model Design

Design sustainable token and digital asset economies that will scale into a decentralized future.

Whitepaper Development

Write whitepapers that inspire confidence in a client’s project.

Cynapse Blockchain Consulting
upgrades traditional business models with
Blockchain Technology
Blockchain technology

is rapidly changing the way applications are built. It’s key advantages offer huge potential for redesigning both the internet landscape and traditional business by significantly increasing transparency, safety, and privacy. Digital assets, tokens and cryptocurrencies are the fuel of this new economy.

Our mission

is to enable innovative companies to bring new and disruptive business models to market.

Business Models Upgraded
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Cynapse Blockchain Consulting
Services Offered
Cynapse Blockchain Consulting services have rich expertise in upgrading traditional business models with blockchain technology. Below are the services that Cynapse offers to its clients.
Business Case Development

Provide business case analysis and strategic recommendations

Tokenomic Model Design

Design token models that create sustainable economies

Market Modeling & Forecasting

Develop market models and forecasts for growing your project

Whitepaper Creation

Write whitepapers that inspire confidence in a client’s project

Token and Digital Asset Economic Modeling

Provide simulations for token, cryptoeconomic incentive, and digital asset economies

Blockchain & Smart Contract Architecture

Architect blockchain and smart contracts that meet client requirements

Business Model and Blockchain Alignment

Calibrate business and blockchain structures to maximize value capture

Growth Strategy

Based on case and modeling analysis, provide growth strategy to clients

ICO/STO Advisory

Provide support for ICO/STO development and launch

Cynapse Blockchain Consulting
Blockchain Industry Experience
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Writing and Critical Analysis

The Whitepaper is the central document of the ICO/STO. It should clearly and briefly convey to potential investors the essence of the concept, its technical aspects and the prospects for investing in it.

This document should be given special attention, since most of the crypto-currency investors make a decision to invest in ICO or STO on the basis of Whitepaper analysis. The criteria for a quality Whitepaper are described in our presentation.

Cynapse Blockchain Consulting’s Founding Member
Adam Luciano
Founder and Managing Partner
Cynapse Blockchain Consulting
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